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The scope of podiatry is broad. Podiatrists can treat a variety of problems: from simple nail and skin care (corns, calluses, and verrucae), problem nails (ingrown nails) and diseased nails (fungal infections) to complex biomechanical problems, foot injuries like plantar fasciitis, knee pain, lower back pain, sports injuries and postural pain, as well as chronic disease management most notably diabetes and arthritis. 

Our role is to concentrate on managing the foot and its relation to injury. We work closely with other medical and allied medical disciplines in creating a holistic treatment plan to effect a lasting cure for our patients. 

We are able provide various treatments methods, depending on the presenting condition. For example, painless callus and corn removal, minor nail surgery, for ingrown nails, cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) for warts, or surgical removal of warts. Assessment of faulty biomechanics which are often a cause of injury in the feet, legs as well as lower back. Faulty biomechanics can often be treated with custom made foot orthoses.  

Our biomechanical assessments follow a combined mechanical paradigm incorporating different biomechanical theories, including, but not isolated to: 
  • Frontal plane mechanics
  • Rotational equilibrium around the sub-talar joint axis
  • Sagittal plane facilitation, and
  • Limb length correction 

We use clinical assessment, video gait analysis, video cycle analysis and force plate analysis as tools to prescribe bespoke orthotics which are manufactured in our lab.  Our orthotics conform to international gold standards using evidence-based medicine. 

We also focus on full rehabilitation following a holistic full body rehabilitation protocol. This is achieved by integrating our management and interacting with and including treatment from Physiotherapists, Biokinetics and Chiropractors. 

Video Discussions and Podcasts

The Vein Heart: The Calf Pump? Walking is Man’s Best Medicine
The Panellists in this podcast have a wide variety of specialities and feature a vascular surgeon (Sergio Gianesini), a podiatrist (Sean Pincus), a physiotherapist (Nicole Redman) and an orthopaedic specialist (Fred Louw) who together discuss the importance of the calf pump, otherwise known as the peripheral heart muscle.

Podiatrist Sean Pincus (Cape Town, SA) discusses the energy efficiency differences between carbon and non-carbon plated running shoes, with fellow podiatrist Lauren Brown (Johannesburg, SA) of the WiSH Running Interest Group.

Sean Pincus discusses Footcare and Dementia at the Dementia SA Forum.

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